a)Please call the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Churkin and ask him to revoke UNSC 1973. The numbers are as follows: +1 212 861 4903 (His Secretary/Assistant) AND +1 212 861 4327 (the Press Office).

b)Please call the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Li Baodong and ask him to revoke UNSC 1973. The number is: +1 212 655 6100.


– Email Addresses:

a)RUSSIA: rusun.press@gmail.com, rusun@un.int

b)CHINA: ChinaMissionUN@Gmail.com

– Subject Line: URGENT: Please Stop NATO Bombing Libya

– CONTENT: Cut and paste the below text into the body of your email

Dear Ambassador:

Please put an immediate stop to NATO’s war of aggression against Libya by revoking UNSC 1973 (“the Resolution”).

The Resolution was passed based on the allegation that the Libyan government had attacked defenseless civilians. This has proven false. The situation is one of internal armed conflict aggravated by unnecessary foreign interference on the side of counter-revolutionaries against the Libyan government in order to secure specific geo-strategic and economic interests. Furthermore, NATO has far exceeded the provisions of the Resolution.

1. NATO is not protecting civilians

a)NATO has been bombing Libya for almost 5 months during which time over 1,200 civilians have been killed, approximately 7,000 physically injured, and long term injuries from bomb ingredients yet to be determined;

b)NATO’s bombs have impacted the psychological health of Libyans and stress-related illnesses, miscarriages, and suicides have sharply increased;

c)The Tripoli airport radar tower was bombed this month along with food warehouses and numerous civilian locations in grave breach of the Geneva Convention;

d)On 21 July 2011, NATO bombed Libya’s water facility and then the factory that produces pipes to repair the water system. ¬†NATO has compromised the source of drinking water for all of Libya. Libya is now on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

e)On 25 July 2011, the Libyan insurgents flew over Brega for approximately 8 hours in violation of UNSC 1973 which declared a no-fly zone over Libya. NATO also bombed a hospital in Zlitan killing seven people, three of whom were doctors. There are no military facilities in the area.

2. Ceasefire and Peace Process

Please implement an immediate ceasefire as was requested in the opening paragraph of UNSC 1973. Please withdraw any and all foreign troops on the ground in Libya, and initiate pursuit of peaceful resolution of the conflict with the assistance of Russia, China, and the African Union which, as the regional body to which Libya belongs, has a central role to play in ending this war.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. The excuse use by NATO and its allies are illegals and contraven all US and Geneva convention that states that not attack to other countries unless is in legitemate defense. Libya has not attacke not NATO members either to any other country. Each nation has internal conflict that it has to be solve by the people within and without any foreing intervention. So we need to ask Russian and China to revoke the UNSC REsolution 1973 to the world and Libya re gain peace and tranquility.

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